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Yellow Jack Inn

Gardaí are investigating a stabbing that occured after a fight broke out inside the infamous Yellow Jack pub yesterday. Reports suggest that the fight was between two males and started over one of males owing debt. 


It’s understood that the pub was secretly open for regular punters during the COVID-19 Lockdown. Gardai were unaware of this and have now begun making regular checks on local pubs and bars in the Kanturk area.


Sources tell us that The National Ambulance service was called to the scene first for a male who had slipped and hit his head. Upon arrival the ambulance crew witnessed two males arguing outside the pub and it quickly escalated into a brawl which led to a man in his early 20s being stabbed.


Gardaí were called to break up the fight which led to one male being arrested for assault and causing bodily harm. The injured male is currently in intensive care at Cork University Hospital but is in a stable condition.


A second Garda investigation is underway as to why the pub was open in the first place. It is believed that the pub owner wasn’t aware that the pub was open for business and that an employee may of had keys to access the property.

By Cian O’Leary

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