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Eligibility Criteria

All members must satisfy the basic membership requirements AND any role-specific requirements.
(Don’t worry if you’re not sure – the application form will check that you’re eligible).

Basic Requirements (For All Roles)

All applicants to IESRPC must be a minimum of 16 years of age at the time of application. There is no upper age limit.

NOTE: We no longer considering applications from those aged 15 years, 10 months+.

All applicants must be able to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to IESRPC (normally not more than 4 hours a week). The specific amount of time will be agreed at each applicants interview.

NOTE: We welcome full time serving members of the public emergency services and Óglaigh na hÉireann and make considerations for these members due to the nature of the work they do. These considerations will be made on a case-by-case basis at each applicants interview.

It is a requirement to have Discord voice and text communication software (as we use this to conduct interviews and communicate with our members). You can access it on your browser here (They also have a PC desktop app and mobile apps for both Android and iOS).

It is a requirement to have the Teamspeak 3 voice software (or be able to install it, you can download it here ) and a high quality, working microphone. If an applicant is not familiar with Teamspeak 3, that’s okay – this can be resolved at the inteview phase.

All applicants are required to have a stable internet connection as an unstable connection could interrupt the consistency of patrols. You can check your internet speed here .

While we don’t have a minimum internet speed, we consider 4mb per second a ‘stable’ connection. 

All applicants must be fully literate (i.e can read, write and speak fluently) in the English language.

NOTE: Fluent Irish speakers should contact us before applying.

A number of changes have been made to our recruitment policy regarding membership of more than one gaming community (commonly known as ‘dual-clanning’ or ‘multi-clanning’).

These new rules apply to ALL gaming communities that require any sort of an application process, not just other policing roleplay communities.

We now permit you to be a member of other gaming communities whilst holding a membership at IESRPC as long as you satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must declare the other gaming communities that you are a member of on applying to IESRPC (and must inform us if you join another gaming community whilst a being a member of IESRPC),
  • You must NOT hold a ranking/staff position in the other gaming communities,
  • You MUST be able to remain active in IESRPC. This means attending at least ¼ of our patrols or other community events in a 1 month period,
  • You must prioritise IESRPC over the other gaming communities.

NOTE A: You MAY NOT be a member of a GTA V (FiveM) UK emergency services roleplay community whilst a member of IESRPC. This is still considered ‘dual-clanning’ or ‘multi-clanning’ and if it is established that you are actively involved in another GTA V (FiveM) UK emergency services roleplay community whilst you are a registered member of IESRPC, your membership of IESRPC will be terminated immediately and the other community of which you are involved with will be informed of your involvement with IESRPC.

NOTE B: If you fail to declare your membership of other gaming communities and it is established that you are actively involved in another gaming community whilst you are a registered member of IESRPC, your membership of IESRPC will be terminated immediately and the other community of which you are involved with will be informed of your involvement with IESRPC.

Additional Role-Specific Requirements

All applicants applying for in-game roles must also meet the following requirements (in addition to the basic requirements):

  • Must hold a legal and working copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC (or be able to buy one). This can be a Steam or Rockstar Games version. IESRPC is NOT open to applicants on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 or any platform other than PC.
  • Must meet the minimum computer requirements to run FiveM. These are available here .

Dont have the minimum specs or want better ones?
We’ve partnered up with local Irish business NRG Store to offer a range of gaming PC’s built to the highest quality at competitive prices.
Learn more about these here .

All applicants for National Ambulance Service roles must hold a minimum of a PHECC approved CFR (Community or Advanced) certificate in real life and be able to provide proof of this on request to be considered for NAS roles.

The term ‘minimum’ implies that the applicant would hold any one of the following certificates from a PHECC licensed CPG provider : Cardiac First Response – Community (CFR-C), Cardiac First Response – Advanced (CFR-A), First Aid Response (FAR), Emergency First Response (EFR), Emergency First Response – Basic Tactical Emergency Care (EFR-BTEC), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic or Advanced Paramedic.

Any applicant who has a medical qualification that was not completed in the Republic of Ireland or has a qualification that was not completed with a PHECC licensed CPG provider must hold a PHECC Recognition of Qualifications certificate and be able to provide proof of this on request.

Application Process

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our Recruitment Team. This process can vary in amounts of time, however, we try to get the majority of applications processed in (at most) 48 hours.

You will recieve a text message providing you with a link to our APPLICANTS Discord server. You will need to join this as this is where interviews are conducted. It also provides some useful information about the interview and how to prepare.

A more detailed explanation of our recruitment process is outlined below:


Application Submitted
The applicant has submitted their application and it has been recieved by our system.


Applicant’s Discord Link
The applicant will recieve a copy of their application and link to our applicant’s Discord via SMS and email.


Interview Arrangements
The applicant will liaise with a member of the Recruitment Team regarding the arrangement of an interview on a dedicated voice channel on our Discord server.


The applicant will partake in a brief 15 minute interview with two members of our Recruitment Team.


Application Decision
A decision will be made regarding the outcome of the application. The application can be approved, rejected or deferred.


The applicant will then be assigned to an intake, which take place every two weeks, where members will be introduced to the community and undergo basic training.

Joining Specialist Divisions

Learn more about how to join our specialist units and undertaking specialist training courses.

Normally, new members of the community must a) pass probation and b) spend at least two months in the community before being able to transfer to our specialist units (e.g Garda Armed Support or Roads Policing Units) or undertake specialist training courses (e.g Garda Water, Dog or Emergency Response Units).

Places within specialist units and on specialist training courses are chosen through competitive selection. Each unit/course has its own entry requirements and selection procedures.

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