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Kanturk local wishes to spread awareness to the local area of what not to do whilst barbecuing after he had a close call when his garden became engulfed in flames. Luckily the alarm was sounded and neighbours managed to dial 999. Cork County Fire Service were on scene in a matter of minutes. 


The incident happened after Phillip Maguire cleaned out his barbecue and dumped ash at the bottom of his garden. Unknowingly Mr. Maguire had dumped hot ash from the night before onto a hedge row. Due to the recent weather the vegetation caught a light quickly and spread fast through the garden towards Maguires home.


Fast acting neighbours who witnessed the trouble and reacted accordingly by calling the emergency services. Mr.Maguire had this to say, “…I was so lucky and yet so ignorant not to be more careful.” Phillip has gone to social media to spread awareness of his near miss and warn others to be more careful at home, “…sometimes we forget how dry it is and easy fires can start.., I want to help prevent incidents like this from happening.”

This comes at a time were farmers were recently investigated for 400 suspected illegal fires last year and already breaches have been made since the ban was put in place on March 1st of this year. Cork County Fire Service urges the public to respect the ban and to be mindful of the hazards and dangers that come with fire.

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