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Two males were arrested today following a foiled attempt to break into a well known hotel in Mallow town. Gardaí responded to an intruder alarm at the Hibernian Hotel in Mallow early this morning.

 Upon arrival two males attempted to flee in a stolen delivery van which was subsequently stopped by Gardaí.

 Garda sources confirmed to us today that the van was not owned by the Hotel it was instead owned by a subcontractor of the hotel who was delivering PPE and sanitation supplies. Gardaí have withheld the name of the company at this present time due to the ongoing investigation. 

Both males in their late 20s were taken to Mallow Garda station for further questioning. Superintendent Jack Jordan spoke in a press conference today and touched briefly on the incident. He was quoted as saying, “…it has been much harder for criminals to operate effectively around the country due to Covid-19 and we have seen a large decrease in the crime rate however, An Gardaí Siochána will not let it’s guard down and this is a prime case of that.”

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