We are in NO WAY associated with any Irish emergency or public service. In an emergency, always call 999/112.

Irelands Emergency Services Role Playing Community Fire Brigade


Years in Operation

Joining Our Community

How Can I Join

Providing you meet our eligibility requirements and are willing to agree to a few simple rules, yes you can! You can learn more about these rules, requirements and how to join on our joining page, available here.

Here we explain our patrol, training and promotion system

Three times a week, our members log onto our private FiveM server to take part in “patrol”. FiveM is a multiplayer platform that allows us to use the engine of GTA 5 whilst using our exclusive mods, scripts and models. Our patrols tend to be around an hour long. During this time, we record our roleplay scenarios for YouTube. Additional time is also put in by our members in areas such as training. Irish Emergency Service RPC has implemented a comprehensive suite of training programmers. This has resulted in the revision of existing and introduction of new, training courses, with each level specifically catering for the required knowledge base, skills set and the operational requirements of members undergoing the relevant training. The training is designed to ensure the member is aware of the relevant real-life knowledge as well as knowledge of our in game systems.

Promotions may be given to members who excel in their area or show a great effort and enthusiasm either during patrol, helping with other areas of the community or both. Promotions include rank promotions and promotions to specialist units following additional training. This allows us to keep a high simulation standard and offers a more realistic command like the real emergency services. Want to join a specialist unit? Members (AGS) must complete basic regular training and pass our probationary period to be considered for specialist units.