Vespucci Garda Station

One of our district stations in West Los Santos.

The Regular

The Regular are your day-to-day response Gardaí. They deal with 999 calls and conduct criminal investigations. They also work in community policing to ensure the safety of the communities of Ireland. They use a fleet of Hyundai i40's, i30's and Ford Focus' vehicles to assist them in completing thier duties.

Roads Policing Unit

Roads Policing use the national roads policing strategy which comprises of four strands for casualty reduction, reducing anti-social use of the roads, denying criminals the use of the roads and public reassurance by high visibility patrolling of the road network. A sub-unit of the Roads Policing Unit is the Forensic Collision which exists to manage the follow-up investigations into all fatal and very serious collisions on Ireland's road network. They use a fleet of Hyundai i40's, Ford Mondeos, Ford Rangers and BMW 5 series (and more) cars.

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