The aim of the public relations department is to portray a positive image of the community through social media and the website and to attract members to the community, In addition to portray a professional image of Irish Emergency Service RPC 

What duties will Public Relations carry out? 
Public Relations staff will be responsible for carrying many tasks, Each member of public relations team will have a set group of responsibility depending on the area in which they join. 

Within the public relations department there will be 2 Area’s
Operational Media: 
Production and development of YouTube content Post and sharing content on the community's Facebook and Twitter Organising live streams and other public events 

Community Relations: 
Deal with community queries from the public, this may be on Facebook or through website contact us section Deal with any inter community issues in line with the SOC Organise and plan interviews for ban appeals.

Department Structure 
PR Director - Overwatch all area of PR 
PR Supervisor - Assist with the running of the department Relations staff - X3 Deal with community relations Operational media staff - Deal with operational media

Promotion to encourage new members 
In order for IES to reach its full potential in gaining members Public Relations staff need to remain at the highest levels of activity, ensuring any and all queries are dealt with in a 24 hour period and that the maximum level of support is giving, Operational media will be required to upload a minimum of 1 videos per week and must show variety in their content any and all content must be authorised by PR Director before releasing it to any other member or the public. The community's Facebook and Twitter pages must be updated and information/content posted Daily this can include what is going on in the community on that set day or any updates that can be released to the public. 

YouTube plan 
Like many community's remaining unique is paramount, The plan for operational media will be 1 main community YouTube in which will feature members accounts the primary YouTube will release key videos such as recruitment videos and promotional videos, then there will be subchannels for each operational media member. 

Policy & Procedure 
When it comes to picking members for Operational Media they will have to prove to PR command they are able to produce good content, it will be a requirement for anyone in operational Media to have a minimum subscribers and have a well designed channel, It will be at the discretion of PR command to approve them, Any content released on YouTube must be approved by PR Director before being made public and the video must have the relevant information attached.

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