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Command and Control Centre

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The Nerve Centre

The Garda Communications Centre (Command and Control) is the nerve centre of Garda operations in the Los Santos region. The centre is based at Mission Row, headquarters for the Los Santos region. Staff at the centre control mobile patrols in the Dublin region and process all emergency 999 and 112 calls for Garda assistance.

The name Command and Control refers to the Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) System used to process calls and dispatch resources. The system first became operational in January 2017. These incidents range from serious matters such as road traffic accidents, robberies, assaults and thefts to less serious events such as complaints about noise or youths playing football.

 Call takers process not only emergency calls from the public, but also calls from:
The Fire Brigade 
Ambulance Service 
Irish Coastguard 
Air Traffic Control 
Garda Stations 
Other police forces 
Alarm monitoring companies


All operational Garda vehicles are fitted with a secure Tetra mobile radio, which ensures the vehicle is contactable throughout the State and includes a link to the Automatic Vehicle and Personnel Location System (AVPLS) which displays the location of the Garda vehicle in Garda Control Rooms


Call takers enter calls on the CAD system and assign them a reference number. They then transmit the call to the relevant divisional dispatcher. The CAD system automatically determines to which Garda division a call should be dispatched by accessing its GEOFILE. (This is a database of all roads, streets and estates in the region).

  In addition to the call takers, Divisional Dispatchers view the incidents on their screens and send the necessary resources to deal with them.

 Each dispatcher has a dual function monitor at his or her console. This monitor can receive video links from the Garda Air Support Unit and can also link to the traffic cameras at a selection of junctions in Los Santos City. This vital piece of equipment helps the dispatcher to assess situations and ensures that sufficient resources are allocated to a particular problem.

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The criminal, the bus driver, the farmer.

Civilian Roleplayers help to make our simulation the most realistic around. They provide the calls for members of the emergency services to respond to. Wheter they be a farmer in distress or an armed robber, they create the most immersive calls for members to respond to.

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