About Us

Who we are and what we do.

Irish Emergency Services RPC is a GTA V role playing community based off of An Garda Siochana and Ireland's Emergency Services, focusing on Cork. We are in no way associated with any Irish Emergency Service or Public Service. We were founded on the 18th December 2016 by our Founder and Current Commissioner P.Hogan and Co-Founder J.Jordan. 

We have four main divisions: Regular (Response), Roads Policing (previously known as the Traffic Corps), Regional Support Unit (Firearms) and the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit. 

The Regular deal with 999 calls and conducts criminal investigations. They also work in community policing to ensure the safety of the communities of Ireland. 

Roads Policing use the national roads policing strategy which comprises of four strands for casualty reduction, reducing anti-social use of the roads, denying criminals the use of the roads and public reassurance by high visibility patrolling of the road network. A sub-unit of the Roads Policing Unit is the Forensic Collision which exists to manage the follow-up investigations into all fatal and very serious collisions on Ireland's road network. 

An armed Garda Regional Support Unit may be called out to support local Garda officers in certain high-risk operations. This primarily involves offering armed assistance to otherwise unarmed Gardaí who are dealing with an incident in which firearms or other weapons (knives, etc.) have been produced. They also work on confronting and disarming persons who are carrying knives or guns, saving a person's life through use of a defibrillator which they carry and are qualified to use, provide tactical support to other gardaí carrying out searches, carrying out high visibility static & rolling checkpoints and other operations to counteract the movements of criminals and overt armed airport & port patrols to counter terrorist attacks and so much more.

The Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (GNDOCB) is a specialist agency that investigates domestic and international drug trafficking. Its remit also includes strategically reducing the demand for drugs in conjunction with other government agencies.

Our Senior Officers Command is the highest ranking body within the community, of which all major decisions about the community and it future runs through. The current SOC comprises of: 

Commissioner P.Hogan 
Deputy Commissioner A.Harrison 
Deputy Commissioner C.Ormsby 
Assistant Commissioner B.Hally

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